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My name is Danii, Sophomore at Johnson State College in Vermont.

"Not seeing all, therefore not judging all."


If dentists make money off people having unhealthy teeth, why should I trust a product that 9/10 of them recommend? 

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Planning Planning Planning

I’ve had my hopes set on finally driving cross country for about a month this summer! and now that I’m sitting down and beginning to lightly plan it all out it seems much more do-able!!! :)))

Already so far I’ve got the first half laid out in stops with estimated times to get to each destination and approximate gas prices for between each stop!

Also a rough draft packing list, which was much simpler than I was expecting!

Might even be able to squeeze a music festival right in the beginning, which would make life so much better :)

The only thing is my boyfriend and I were banking on a couple of friends to tag along and we’re not exactly sure who to invite! Granted we have a lot of time to figure it out, it would just be nice to have a couple people on board already and starting to save up some money too…

All in good time I suppose <3 

I am absolutely excited, it is literally a dream coming true before my eyes <3 <3 <3